This job family brings together businesses of diverse expertise from the design to the implementation of services.

This job family brings together businesses of diverse expertise from the design to the implementation of services. These include: Solution makers (Study, Design and Implementation), Support services (Customer Documentation and Training), Installation services, condition continuity services, provision of spares and repairs, obsolescence management, and the provision of turn-key services to client projects.
The job family includes:

Service Engineering

Service Engineering covers all possible engineering areas (from supportability to operations) of the Solution to be provided to the Customer.  This includes the definition of the Service architecture, most of the time through an Integrated Service and the basic related services capable of fulfilling the requirement for the entirety of the Solution’s life cycle, the definition of the corresponding infrastructure, then the verification that all necessary plans have been established to ensure that the service infrastructure will run smoothly within its user environment. Service engineering influences the design of the complete solution, throughout its life-cycle and provides Life Cycle Cost models to inform design decisions in the solution.


  • Architecture of Customer Service Solutions
  • Customer Service Consultant
  • Operational Engineering

Customer Documentation - Training

Customer Documentation - Training includes all activities of corresponding preparations and deliveries. They start with the user requirement analysis up to the realisation of documentation and training contents for systems, products and solutions support or operations.


  • Documentation & Training—Expert
  • Specialist
  • Engineer

Customer Contact Service & Information Management

Customer Contact Service & Information Management includes all activities related to Customer information exchange and management. This covers Customer Contact Centre, online services and Customer Service dedicated Information systems.


  • Customer Contact Centre—Expert
  • Specialist
  • Engineer, e-Services—Expert
  • Specialist/Engineer

Support Services

Support Services includes all activities close to the system and equipment support such as repairs, spares, maintenance, logistics chain management and operational condition continuity services.


  • Technical Support
  • Asset Management
  • Logistics Chain Management

Operations Services

Operations Services includes all activities of system operation and covers activities involved in IT service delivery.


  • IS/IT Operations


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