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ROS - Repair Order Status

Follow the Repair Order Status of all your products.
Check the status of your repairs and obtain our experts’ comments or diagnosis through direct access to this daily updated e-service.


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POS - Purchase Order Status

Access the status of all your spare parts orders.
Consult all the details of your placed orders with daily updates.

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Information Letters

By consulting Customer Information Letters, get valuable information for your business.
Access Customer Information Letters to improve your day-to-day operations.

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Technical Maintenance Documentation

Get customized access to your dedicated technical publications.
CMM/IPL, AMM, IPC, CMP/IPD, SB & SILs are available online. The base is updated daily.
The “Optional Part Number List” can be used to find the various sources of a component identified by a Thales management code or vice versa.


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Airline Modifiable Information (AMI)  OnLine

Optimize the use of your Flight Management System FMS2.
If you are equipped with FMS Rev2+ or a higher version, you can access the AMI tool in order to directly set up and download information for implementation on Aircraft.


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ADM e-Calibration

Regulate maintenance services in Thales Repair Centers, for ASW pre-approved customers, using an alternative solution.
Perform Thales ADM offset resetting online by providing ADM P/N and S/N for recalibration with associated hPa measurements. Please note that having dedicated test equipment is a pre-requisite for using this service.

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GFE/CFE  (Government / Customer Furnished  Equipment)

Track and manage your items.
Enjoy a personalised search function to easily access lists and descriptions of loaned products. You are informed at each stage (received in Thales, transfer, dispatched) and you can at any time contact Thales to make modifications or check the progress of a particular item.


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Make BITE decoding easier with our comprehensive e-Troubleshooting  service.
2 modes (Single Fault or Dump File) are available to better understand Built In Test Equipment messages.


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Aeronautical  Database Update

Reinforce your flight security in ever-more crowded skies through this value-added service.
Access to the Thales electronic delivery service database, providing updates and associated documentation.

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