Designed for controllers by controllers, TopSky - ATM Solutions are the most trusted in the world with some of the largest installed bases. As world-leading solutions, they are mature, safe and reliable. TopSky - ATM Solutions are based on a robust product strategy, and comply with the ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades roadmaps and key standards.
Thales Group - Automation

TopSky - ATC

In order to safely and efficiently control approach and en-route environments, your controllers need:
  • Intuitive access to traffic information
  • Accurate and unique tracking in all airspaces
  • Reliable alarms, alerts and warnings
  • Direct and optimized fight planning
  • Effective controller tools and aids
  • Simple yet complete coordination with stakeholders
  • Effective training systems precisely reflecting the operational system
And to safely and efficiently maintain the system, your technical staff need:
  • Simple but robust system architecture
  • Well-structured and well-cabled cabinets and consoles
  • Simple and efficient maintenance tools
To answer these needs, Thales has developed a high performance, high availability, fail-safe, adaptable and modular Air Traffic Control System designed to deal with various air traffic situations in approach and en route control areas.
Thales Group - TopSky - ATC key figures


ECOsystem is Thales’ aviation efficiency & capacity-oriented solution. Companion to safety-oriented TopSky - ATC, it combines a modern Big Data architecture and web-technology platform to optimise the use of available airspace and airport resources.
ECOsystem enables ANSPs, airlines and airport operators to plan, monitor, manage and assess aviation operations for better decisions and better results.
  • Deliver better service for airspace users
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Improve flight efficiency
  • Predictable capacity utilization
  • Improve network performance

TopSky – Simulation and ScanSim

Thanks to Thales training and simulation solutions, you will meet you training objectives and address all levels of training from ab initio to refresher training.
It will enable you to cover all the environments
  • Civil or Military
  • En-route/Approach/Tower
  • Radar or Procedural
  • Including datalink if needed
Thales Group - Topsky_Simulation
Thales Group - TopSky - Simumation

TopSky - Tower

In their every day work, it is important for Tower controllers to have:
  • Complete surveillance and monitoring of aircrafts and vehicles operations
  • Aids to help ensure safety
  • Tools to optimize capacity and efficiency
  • Ability to make quick and accurate decisions
  • Seamless operations and coordination
  • Reduced controller workload
Thales TopSky - Tower ensures smooth and seamless aircraft control between TMA boundary and the parking bay.
Thales Group - TopSky - Tower

Remote Tower

A remote tower enables Air Traffic Control services to be provided at an airport from a remote location, instead of from the conventional ATC tower situated at the airport.
The services are provided using innovative technology: high resolution cameras, microphones, sensors and a local processing system. The Remote Tower Centre is fitted with screens and hardware controls to enable the air traffic controller to provide the same ATC services as if seated in the conventional tower.
It enables consolidation of several airports’ operations into a single Remote Tower Centre.
Thales Group - Remote Tower

TopSky - AIM

TopSky - AIM includes a complete and modular set of interoperable components covering the full range of AIM functions compliant with latest ICAO and Eurocontrol standards.

TopSky - AIM has the following high-end components:
  • TopSky - AIXM: aeronautical information database management component
  • TopSky - AIS: NOTAM office and flight preparation services component
  • TopSky - Internet Briefing: complementary component of TopSky - AIS dedicated to the FPL submission and integrated briefing services through the Internet
  • TopSky - eAIP: electronic AIP production and publication component
Thales Group - Topsky_AIM
Thales Group - TopSky - AIM


Datalink Solutions

Thanks to its long experience and its knowledge in the ATM domain, Thales has developed a modular datalink solution adaptable to any customer requirement.
Thales Group - Datalink
Controllers working
Controllers working
Tower configuration
Tower configuration
Integrated Tower Solution
Integrated Tower Solution

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