Power amplification solutions are at the heart of many defense hi-tech systems across the world. Designed in close collaboration with system manufacturers and armed forces, Thales’s electron tubes and transmitters boost the performances of new-generation equipment, while also enhancing maintainability.

Thales’s electron tubes and transmitters are used as RF & microwave power sources for equipment such as radars and electronic countermeasures. We have built up industrial and technological leadership in these markets. At the same time we continue to develop new solutions to improve the performance of defense electronic systems using high power/high frequency subsystems.

​At the source of excellence
Thales, one of the world’s leading makers of microwave tubes for more than 50 years, designs and produces Traveling Wave Tubes and transmitters, which offer outstanding performance for today’s armed forces and defense system manufacturers. We’re ready to deliver solutions for your new projects, or help retrofit current systems. We guarantee the production continuity of all products to ensure the long-term operational availability of your defense systems, including the new generation of military surveillance and intelligence systems. These new systems demand complete, compact and powerful solutions – in which Thales’s electron tubes and power amplifiers play an important role.