A smart, easy-to-integrate CMOS X-ray digital detector covering both 3D and panoramic imaging .

The SiX 650 HD/HD-E is a CMOS digital detector designed by Thales for combined CBCT/Panoramic X-ray systems widely used in dentistry.
This system offers critical advantages for patients and practitioners alike:
  • Smart CMOS technology: This cone beam computed tomography significantly reduces radiation exposure compared to legacy technology
  • High quality images: 145 x 118 mm image is delivered which can be calibrated subject to area of interest, rapid image acquisition at 300 frames per second (fps), exceptional "Detection Quantum Efficiency" is delivered at 70%
  • Reduced dose, low dose: Highly sensitive detector, reduction of exam zone to specific area option, low noise in image
  • Light, compact, easy to integrate: Mechanical interface facilitates installation in the system, integrated passive cooling, software development kit
Thales Group - SiX 650

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