A major industry player serving the international science community

Thales is a long-standing partner and supplier to the science community in the fields of particle physics and thermonuclear fusion.

Our solutions are used by the world’s most prestigious research organisations, as well as in industry, medicine and applied research. Drawing on world-class R&D capabilities and unique testing facilities, Thales manufactures RF power sources with unrivalled performance.

Our multidisciplinary expertise in areas including optics, precision mechanics and fluid mechanics enables Thales to offer complete solutions, from design to development, manufacturing and integration of complex systems.

Thales has demonstrated this expertise in the field of military research, where we have built and integrated highly complex accelerators, such as AIRIX and the Megajoule Laser, and in civil research, through the development of complete subassemblies for the ITER tokamak reactor.

A tube for every application, from particle acceleration to thermonuclear fusion, irradiation or medical science

Thales continues to drive technological advances, with fully configurable solutions and high levels of electrical efficiency, drawing on the capabilities of our two R&D and production facilities dedicated to RF components and amplifiers.
Thales Group - Thales Klystron
  • Continuous or pulsed solutions
  • From a few hundred kW to tens of MW
  • From UHF to C band
Grid tubes
  • From a few hundred kW to several MW
  • From VHF to UHF
  • Series production capacity
  • Partnership with European laboratories
  • Power ratings in the region of one MW in continuous mode

From components to complete systems

To meet the requirements of the scientific community and industry, Thales offers world-class capabilities in the design, engineering and integration of RF technologies and complex mechanical solutions.
Thales Group - RF Components
RF components
  • Radio and Microwave tubes
  • Cryogenic couplers
  • RF windows and waveguides
  • RF loads and circulators
  • High pulsed power kickers
  • RF transmitters
  • Plasma diagnostics
  • Command and control
Turnkey systems
  • Complete accelerators
  • Neutral beam injection
  • Energy benches
Dedicated facilities:
high-voltage conditioning stations, rated at several MW
More than
cryogenic couplers delivered
More than
RF & Microwave tube references

RF Solutions for Science