When travelling on business, you depend to a great extent on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops to remain agile and responsive. While these tools are most certainly practical, they can nevertheless pose a significant threat to your organisation’s security unless each user is allocated the appropriate level of security. Mobile device users whose profile calls for a stronger level of security — such as company executives or government ministers — are favoured targets of acts of espionage and data falsification.

The use of smartphones and tablets in the workplace is increasing all the time. That calls for a comprehensive approach to integrate these devices securely into your systems and make sure they don’t offer a backdoor entrance for intruders. It also means you need a solution that scales to each user’s level of security.


A specialist in mobile security

Our solutions guarantee an optimal user experience and full conformance with national and international security regulations. We manage encryption keys and deploy a plug-and-play security system for easy integration with your infrastructure.


Classified information on the move

Our TEOREM telephones, used by the French government, armed forces and civil service, guarantee voice and data encryption and certification over public fixed and mobile networks, as well as over military and government networks. TEOREM phones are also available to critical infrastructure providers.


Mobility solutions for sensitive or restricted data

When handling non-classified data on a smartphone or tablet, TEOPAD lets you create a dedicated workspace with a sandbox for work applications, which you can access securely on the same device as your personal applications.
The TEOPAD solution comes in two versions tailored to the sensitivity of data to be protected: TEO-XC and TEOPAD.

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TEO-XC:   Government Restricted security level
TEOPAD: Sensitive but unclassified security level


TEOPAD benefits


Ease of use

You access your professional applications and environment with your personal identification number (PIN) and retain full control over your personal apps.

Broad range of applications

TEOPAD includes secure voice, SMS, e-mail, contacts, planner, browser, camera and document editor applications. All third-party and self-developed applications are easily integrated into the secure environment thanks to TEOPAD’s secure container technology.

Device independence

TEOPAD is available on most leading brands of mobile phones and tablets only days after their commercial release, and on all versions of Android, so you can upgrade to new phones and manage multiple types of devices over the long term without changing TEOPAD accounts.
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