Managing major events raises considerable security challenges: limited in time, they require swift organization, smooth movements of people and maximum levels of security. Thales musters the wide variety of its expertise in favour of event security.
Managing major events: a technological and human challenge
Major events involve large gatherings of people over a limited period of time - a few days or weeks -  usually within a city, an already critical environment. Organizing events entails many risks: terrorism, accidents, crowd movements... In addition, the means taken to fight these risk must not hinder the  smooth course of the event. In the case of major official events, it must also be ensured that only authorized persons are admitted into their respective access perimeters, for work to take place in the best conditions.
Thanks to its expertise in security, mots notably in large cities and critical sites, Thales is able to provide complete and secure solutions to these major events’ organizers.
Innovative and tailor-made solutions
Thales can count on and integrate a number of technologies and know-how to optimize event security:
- Managing the access and circulation of people;
- Managing accreditations;
- Video surveillance (fixed and / or mobile - using drones for example);
- Coordinating the various partners involved.
An event under close watch: the G20 in Brisbane in 2014
Thales contributed to the G20 security system in Brisbane (Australia), notably by managing the accreditation system for participants and staff. The solution included a network of smart gates, RFID[1] badges and a secure data processing system.The security of pilgrimages: Guadalupe
Pilgrimages carry major security risks and problems. Thales is active at the Notre-Dame de Guadalupe pilgrimage, in Mexico, by deploying mobile command centres assisted by mini-drones.
[1] RFID : Radio Frequency Identification. Technology aiming at locating people and objects remotely thanks to a microchip.
Product line manager - Pascal Zenoni