Our E-Tools

​​Technical Data (Exindus)
The module of exchange of technical data " e-coop " which allows:
  • To exchange technical documents by business : specification, definition, data of manufacture, evolution
  • To insure the mastery and the tracability of these exchanges
Collaborative module " e-log " which allows us:
  • To share generic documents (guides, training support, standards Thales)
  • To reach the list of electronic components authorized by Thales and in the associated rules of control
  • To arrange a shared space reassured between Thales and its partners
The current suppliers as well as any company wishing to reach this platform has to be referenced in the tool.

Contact :
Contact your Thales buyer
*Encoding of the exchanged information (SSL 128 bits) strong Authentification of the users by smart card (certificate CASIC X509)

Supplier Account
Possible queries we offer are of three types:
  • All payments past 120 days with full paid invoice details,
  • All outstanding invoices including their planned payment dates,
  • All pending invoices waiting for our Purchase Dept approvals.
  • Data are updated on a weekly basis, each Monday morning.
To get access to our Supplier Payment System please contact our Thales Avionics

Access to the portal : suppliers-account.thalesgroup.com


Space Portal

The association was created on July 25, 2007 for the improvement and competitive progress of the aeronautical industry. SPACETM stands for: Supply chain Progress towards Aeronautical Community Excellence. The SPACETM association together with the aeronautical community works to develop a common approach to improve the global risk management process. 

In order to achieve the main objectives of the association, the executive members dedicate their skilled resources to implement development action plans in common with the suppliers. 
Major professional Aeronautical organizations have already joined and promote SPACETM activities such as GIFAS, EAQG and SBAC SC21.
The BDLI and DRIRE organizations are also in progress to join the SPACETM association.
Access to the portal : http://www.space-aero.org



BoostAeroSpace is the European Hub providing secure collaboration solutions and business process integration throughout the extended value chain of the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry.
Access to the portal :  http://www.boostaerospace.com/

EDA Portal

To access of the European Defence Agency portal click on the link below.
Access to the portal : http://www.eda.europa.eu/ebbweb/bycompany.aspx