Major touristic and religious areas host large crowds, raising common issues of flow management, access control and personal safety. Thales provides public sites with tailor-made protection solutions.
Protecting public-receiving sites
Tourist and pilgrimage sites require both video surveillance, access control technologies, and smart data analysis to ensure swift responsiveness for security services. With its expertise in protecting critical sites, Thales integrates these different elements to generate top-efficient solutions.
Customized solutions
Each public site has its own constraints, configuration, systems, inherited from history. For each customer, Thales builds a suitable solution, taking into account all dimensions:
  • The nature of risks and threats: terrorism, crowd movements, intrusions, depredations ...;
  • The different kind of surveillance tools to be used: cameras, sensors, security and control gates ...;
  • Centralized data processing: smart analysis enables security teams to quickly identify incidents and react as quickly as possible;
  • The use made of the analysed data: KPI, public information ...;
  • The extent to which the solution must be integrated or adapted to an existing system;
  • The coordination of different teams and organizations.
Mastering all these functions allows Thales to provide the best answer to the most diverse security problems and contexts.
The Louvre: 3 targets to protect, a single Thales solution
At the Louvre museum, Thales ensures safety simultaneously for visitors, staff and artworks, as well as access control, thanks to a single system combining reliability and simplicity.Mecca: managing important flows of people
On the pilgrimage site at Mecca, Thales set up a pilgrims flow management solution around the Kaaba, using a video surveillance network and smart data analysis tools.
Product line manager - Jean-Pierre Vidal