“Focus on customers” is a key value for Thales and is at the heart of the Strategy, Marketing, Sales job family at Thales.

As the customers’ needs change, the job family readily evolves to provide added support, whether it’s strategic or marketing, to its customers.  

Strategy, Marketing, Sales includes:

Customer Accounts Management

The Customer Account Managers manage relations with one or several customers and ensure long term customer satisfaction. They are able to provide customers with clear and perfectly coordinated solutions using their extensive knowledge of the market and their customers. To meet today’s challenges, the Account Managers need to understand complex businesses on an international scale and have the capacity to be the link between many key players.


  • Key Account Manager

B2B Sales

B2B sales managers are responsible for all B2B contracts with companies in all sectors except defence and civil government contracts. Their role is to promote and sell products, services and after-sales support for which a thorough analysis of competition and customer needs is necessary. In this function, the manager detects opportunities, makes bids and wins contracts but also creates loyalty and long term customer satisfaction.


  • Domestic Sales B2B
  • Export Sales B2B

Defence and Government Sales

Defence and Government Sales (B2G) consists of all domestic or export sales on defence and government contracts. This function ranges from pre-sales, including detecting opportunities, making bids and winning contracts to sales finalisation creating loyalty through customer satisfaction and monitoring the customer accounts.


  • Domestic Sales B2G
  • Export Sales B2G

Sales Operations

Sales Operations is responsible fora range of support activities required by the sales function. This ranges from administrative, sales and financial support. Managers are required to establish and monitor order intake forecasts, provide sales data and performance charts. They use tools including sales databases, accounts reviews and opportunity reviews to optimise Sales Operations.


  • Sales Operations Manager
  • Analyst and Administrator

Business Development

Business Development supports actions to promote Key Account Managers (KAMs) and to designate Capture Leaders. It understands the customers and broadens their understanding of Thales solutions in connection with their own missions. It defines and establishes a strategy for conquering markets including product/market positioning, promotion initiatives and pricing policy. In providing customer/market information to the marketing function and working with the KAMs and the sales force, business development contributes to defining the best solution (product/system/service) addressing current and future customer needs.  


  • Operational Business Development Manager
  • Key Partnerships and Offset Director


Marketing observes and analyses the global market, customer needs and defines product policy for the Group. In working closely with our engineers, the marketing department ensures Thales products correspond to customer needs and expectations. Marketing supports the sales forces along with business development in promoting the products and observing the competition.


  • Marketing manager
  • Product Line Manager
  • Market and Competition Analyst


Strategy proposes and manages strategic objectives for the Thales Group. It runs dedicated teams which manage the business portfolio, market strategy and product policy. Strategy has a clear understanding of economic and industrial aspects of market trends and follows the evolution of markets, customer needs and competition in order to cement Thales as a key competitor in its Markets.


  • Strategy consultant


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Charles Harrowing

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