Key Points

  • Thales is continuously seeking for optimizing its Supplier Base while retaining those Suppliers demonstrating continuous Performance and Competitiveness.
  • Within its supplier policy, Thales has the duty to respect laws and regulations; and require the same from its suppliers.
  • Thales ensures that Supplier relationships are handled in an equitable manner for the interest of both Parties.
  • Signature of a good practices charter between principals and SMEs

Our Policy

Optimized Supplier Base is a key driver for ensuring the Purchasing performance.

Corporate responsability

SME Relationship

In order to increase its competitiveness worldwide and benefit from the most innovative products and services the market can offer, Thales strives to develop trustful relationships with SME's Therefore, Thales has identified in its purchasing policy guidelines specific principles to deal with SME's, with the following objectives.In France, Thales has signed the PACTE PME and develops Sourcing initiatives together with the Comité Richelieu, GIFAS, GICAN, GICAT, DGA SBAC in the UK.
Furthermore, Thales is a major actor in the "Pôle de competitivité" initiatives and contributes to promotes innovative SMEs.

Regulation requirements