Protected mobility patrol family of vehicles

Over 1.000 vehicles on order and in-service with the Australian and Netherlands Armies

  • A highly mobile, ballistics, mine and improvised explosive device (IED) blast resistant Protected Mobility Vehicle.
  • Fully supportive, energy absorbing seating provided for up to 10 soldiers including the driver in full air-conditioned comfort.
  • 4x4 family of vehicles including patrol, command, ambulance, assault pioneer, direct fire support weapons and mortar vehicle variants and providing solutions for a wide variety of mission roles and applications.
  • An additional variant: the Bushmaster Single Cab Utility to provide combat logistics support capability in a cab chassis type variant.
  • Protection levels can be increased with upgrade kits and can be configured with various weapon systems, sighting and vision systems as well electronic architectures to aid to the vehicle mission performance.

Key references

Deployed to Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq; in service with the Australian and Netherlands Armies