La tendance actuelle dans les budgets de défense oblige les responsables de projets navals à faire plus avec moins d'argent. Ainsi, la taille des flottes et des équipages diminue tandis que les principaux équipements maritimes voient très souvent leur durée d'utilisation se prolonger. Par conséquent, les forces navales s'en remettent de plus en plus aux sous-traitants pour ce qui est de services spécialisés et de solutions de support efficaces, de façon à pouvoir se consacrer pleinement à leurs missions prioritaires. Elles ont besoin de partenaires possédant une bonne compréhension de l'environnement opérationnel, une maîtrise parfaite des systèmes navals les plus complexes et les compétences de gestion de projet requises pour coordonner le tout.

Thales s'appuie sur des sites implantés localement, dans le monde entier. L'extension de ce réseau international de centres de support devrait renforcer notre aptitude à proposer des solutions de support personnalisées à toute force navale et dans n'importe quel pays, en respectant les délais de livraison.

Soutien à long terme

The main objective of any through-life support solution is to ensure that systems continue to operate to an optimum level of performance whilst keeping pace with change – both technologically and operationally – throughout their service life. As part of our innovative approach to naval systems support, programmed technology insertion is key to sustaining and improving your system capability.
In order for your systems to stay abreast of changing environments, we propose the smoothest upgrade path on a schedule that suits your specific objectives and operational constraints.
Component obsolescence is a constant threat to system availability, potentially eroding your operational capability and increasing your life cycle costs. Traditional hardware overhaul operations no longer address these issues adequately. We proactively identify obsolescence risks and mitigation opportunities, continually monitoring component availability and developing cost-effective technology insertion solutions to sustain your naval capabilities at all times.
Over the years, we have built on our experience to develop a comprehensive set of capabilities ranging from initial needs appraisal to complete overhaul and recommissioning programmes. In many cases, surplus systems can be reactivated to give them a second lease of life for another customer.
  • 209-type submarines Modernization programme with S-Cube TM sonar suite for Ecuador
  • Mine hunting Sonar overhaul contract for Egypt
  • Seaking Helicopter Sonar overhaul contract for India
  •  FFG upgrade programme in Australia
  • Surface ship Mid Life Modernization and refit contract for sonar, radar, CMS, EW components for Indonesia
  • Hunt class reactivation for Lithuania

Services globalisés

With an extended services contract tailored to your specific needs, you can focus all your attention on your operational missions, while seasoned support professionals provide contractual assurances that your systems will be available when you need them.
Professional support services enable you to extend the service life and enhance the performance of both new and legacy systems. By building on previous investments, rather than buying new systems, you can maximize your naval capabilities cost-effectively. Our commitment extends far beyond the scope of conventional service contracts. We bring you access to the capabilities of the entire Thales organization and its in-depth knowledge of the naval, air, space and security environments. We support your equipment and systems – and even entire platforms and fleets – from cradle to grave. We provide all types of services, ranging from Integrated Logistic Support to upgrades, modernizations, overhaul, service life extension, reactivation and even end-of-life disposal, under contractual arrangements that are tailored to your specific requirements and priorities.

Contractor Logistic Support arrangements offer an agreed level of system availability for a fixed price. These performance-based solutions include guarantees of spare part availability, and contractual commitments on turnaround times and overall system availability. Contractual incentives to reduce costs, achieve availability targets and continuously improve performance deliver clear benefits for customers and optimize resourcing throughout the supply chain. Performance-based contracts reflect a growing trend towards closer working relationships between naval customers and their service providers. We have successfully developed this partnership approach in many of our countries of operation. Our experience is that Integrated Project Teams with shared objectives, responsibilities and values are in the best position to innovate and make cost-conscious decisions.
To further reduce overhead, we can also provide total through-life system or platform support for any configuration of Thales and/ or third-party equipment, with guaranteed availability or capability
  • Australia: MHC Huon Support and Collins submarine Scylla Sonar
  • France: Barracuda-class submarine sonar CLS, CMT support, MINREM (Dupuy de Lôme), TRANSFOST and MATILDE
  • Netherlands: TACTIS support, KKW Support, Squire CLS
  • UK : Sonar CLS; EW CLS

In-service support

We know your specific system configurations and are available around the clock to provide the support you need, all over the world.

With a full range of specialized services to support naval equipment and systems at all levels of maintenance, Thales experts are available to carry out any type of corrective or preventive maintenance task on site or using remote maintenance solutions.

We believe in maximising system availability on an ongoing basis. We systematically analyze your feedback and build on lessons learned to deliver better, faster and more cost-effective service as our relationship matures.

  • Our Navy customers rely on us in Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States.

Integrated logistic support

To perform its operational function effectively, your equipment has to be reliable, easily maintainable and safe. Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) makes it possible in a cost-effective way.
We think in terms of maintainability from the earliest design phase. ILS managers factor all requirements into the design process to develop equipment delivered with a comprehensive logistics package customized to take into account your specific requirement priorities.
With increasing costs at sea, training tasks need to be carried out efficiently. Thales computer-based documentation, training and simulation tools are designed to streamline preparations so that you are ready to deploy on operational missions as quickly as possible.